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Private Eyes Liquid Core Dice

Private Eyes Liquid Core Dice

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You and your team have been scheduled for hire. If you dare to take the job, you will be investigating the strange disappearance of a Mr. Derick Knox. He was last seen at the Museum of Dark Magic. He stands 6'2" and is about 210lbs. The last witness was his girlfriend Leona. You can find her over at the boat docks, she owns a room above the Seashell Bar.

Finish this story or create your own using these Private Eyes Dice to match your campaign.


 Private Eyes Liquid Core Dice

Clear blue dice with suspended Eyes in liquid.

Eyes move around while in motion

Note the D4 has a special tear drop shape but rolls normally

Material - Resin

  • 1 -D4 (15mm)
  • 1 -D6 (15mm)
  • 1 -D8 (16mm)
  • 1 -D10 (16mm)
  • 1 -D% (16mm)
  •  1-D12 (18mm)
  • 1 -D20 (22mm)
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