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Death And Taxes Dice

Death And Taxes Dice

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A pound of gold or a pound of flesh, it doesn't matter, the taxman will collect what the king is owed. There is nothing more certain.

Play out this story or create your own using these dice for your campaign.

 Death and Taxes

Black smoke engulfs a skull in this 7 die set.

note due to the random placement of the skulls and smoke you be able to see the image in all dice shapes.

Material Resin

  • 1 -D4 (21mm)
  • 1 -D6 (16mm)
  • 1 -D8 (16mm)
  • 1 -D10 (17mm)
  • 1 -D% (17mm)
  • 1 -D12 (18mm)
  • 1 -D20 (22mm)
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