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Your party arrives at a small village. Parched and needing water, hungry and needing food you reluctantly step in. Its quiet not a soul on the the streets ,you feel eyes  staring you down, as you walk up the dirt road, knocking on every farm and house you can find but to no avail, no one answers. In the distance is a run down church. You head up a small hill climb the stairs and push open the heavy doors. "what have you done!" you hear in front of you with a petrified scream, just then the old wooden floors beneath your feet begin to creak ,then shake. Before you have a chance to think earth quake! The center of the room collapses and 100's of giant spiders spill out. You hear the mans voice once again more frightened then before "save us", he lifts his arms and begins to chant up a spell creating a portal for you to step in. You and your team now in a hurry run in. Only your still in the same church, its no longer run down and you can hear laughter and chatter coming from outside.

Finish this story or rewrite your own nightmare using these dice.

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